COMFORT COUGH Plus, Cough Stimulating Device, triple function with Vest

COMFORT COUGH Plus provides respiratory therapist

 and critical caregivers with the most efficient solution

 to clear excess mucus!!


COMFORT COUGH Plus can be used with

Vest for the high frequency chest wall vibration.


This ideal combination creates a significatn synergy effect.




Positive Pressure                         0 to 60cmH2O

Negative Pressure                     - 0 to 60cmH2O

Flow Type                                    High, Low

Inspiratory, Expiratory times        0 to 5.0sec (In automatic mode) or user variable (In manula mode)

Pause Times                                0 to 5.0sec (In automatic mode)

Mode of Operation                       Automatic and manual timing, Percussor

Percussor Mode                          Inspiratory postive pressure : From 0 to +60cmH2O / Freq.: 10 to 600CPM

Blower Type                                Two stage centifugal blower with BLDC motor

Input Voltage                               100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Input Power                                 MAX. 230VA

Size                                             288mm X 212mm X 330mm

Weight (kg)                                  6.4kg 



 TFT-LCD Display                       Large & Colored screen (114X84mm)

 Key Pad                                     All the manipulaton is done by just putting the key pad.

 Three Preset Mode                   Can be memorized three kinds of values prior to the use.

 Rehabilitation                            Can be set for the purpose of rehabilitation. Time setting 0 to 5.0sec, and Ip≤Ep, Ip≥Ep

 Percussor Mode                        Percussion works with gravity and the vibration moves mucus to the lager airways

 Percussion Wrap                       For high frequency chest wall vibration as disposable.