SH-2 (Heated Humidifier)
SH-2 (Heated Humidifier)

SH-2 (Heated Humidifier)
is handy for everyone

with simple user-interface and Quick Release.

It is safe and durable with anodized heater plate.




v Specifications

Safety Features

    - The heater plate will only function

              with the insertion

              of the humidifier chamber.


Dimensions & Weight

     - 138x170x87mm (L*W*H)

      - 0.82 kg


Temperature Setting

    - Lv.1(34.0°C) ~ Lv.10(70.0°C)  ±5

Electrical Protection

      - Class I, BF


Input Voltage / Power

      - 220V~, 60Hz, 140VA     (Temp. Level-#10)