COMFORT COUGH II, the latest & innovative Cough Stimulating Device

Maximize Airway Secretion Clearance with CC20 !!

▶  Oscillatory Vibration

▶  Percussor Mode [Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation]

▶  High Frequency Chest Wall Vibration

▶  Cough Sync [Flow Trigger]

▶  Data Management

▶  High Portability

▶  7 Inches TFT-LCD Display 


Positive Pressure                               0 to 70cmH2O

Negative Pressure                              0 to -70cmH2O

Flow Type                                           High, Medium, Low

In-Exhalation, Pause time                   0 to 5.0sec (In automatic mode) or user variable (In manual mode)

Mode of Operation                              Auto, Manual, Percussor Mode

Percussor Mode                                  Inhale pressure: 0 to +760cmH2O / Freq.: 10 to 780CPM

Oscillatory Vibration                            Amplitude: 1 to 10cmH2O / Freq.: 1 to 20Hz

Flow Trigger                                        Cough Sync

Pressure Display                                 Bar or Graph

Oximetry Kit                                         SpO2, Heart Rate Data

Remote Control                                   Foot Switch

Preset                                                  9 presets

Power Management                            Detachable battery / AC Power cord

Breathing Hose Holder                        Included in Main Unit

Dimension                                           288mm X 245mm X 212mm

Weight                                                 4.6kg  (w/o accessories)

Input Voltage                                       100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Electrical Protection                             BF, Class II